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Burmese dissident Suu Kyi smuggles

Subject: Burmese dissident Suu Kyi smuggles out speech.

		Burmese dissident Suu Kyi smuggles out speech

                     January 27, 1997
                     Web posted at: 12:00 p.m. EST (1700 GMT) 

                     WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- Burmese
                     dissident and Nobel Peace laureate Aung
                     San Suu Kyi appealed for international
                     solidarity in a commencement address
                     read by her husband Sunday at American

                     Her speech was smuggled out of Burma
                     and delivered by her husband, Michael Aris, who 
		     accepted an
                     honorary degree bestowed upon his wife, the 
	  	     Washington Post
                     reported Monday. 

                     The activist called for a "principled stand against 
                     dealing with the military regime of Burma, urging 
	   	     the students to
                     "please use your liberty to promote ours." 

                     Suu Kyi was placed under house arrest for five year 
	     	     in 1989 and
                     disqualified from elections in 1990, but her party 
	 	     won 82 percent
                     of the vote, an outcome nullified by the military 
		     [Reuters, 27 January 1997].