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Boston Globe Op-Ed Urges Burma Sanc (r)

Subject: Re: Boston Globe Op-Ed Urges Burma Sanctions - 1/24/97

>From: simon_billenness@xxxxxxxxxxxx (Simon Billenness)
>Subject: Boston Globe Op-Ed Urges Burma Sanctions - 1/24/97
>Boston Globe Op-Ed Urges Burma Sanctions
>The January 27 Boston Globe carries an Op-Ed by Dennis Bernstein and Leslie
>Kean titled: "Impose sanctions on Burma."
>The Op-Ed contains the following January 10 quote by Aung San Suu Kyi: "If
>the restrictions on the work of my party and on me personally are not
>removed in the very, very near future - in a matter of days - I think the US
>should start thinking seriously of sanctions."
>The Op-Ed argues that since the conditions of imposing the sanctions on
>Burma have been met - arrests of about 100 NLD party members and
>restrictions on Aung San Suu Kyi's movements - American credibility is
>damaged unless the US takes action.
>I can fax or mail a clean copy of the Op-Ed to anyone who needs it.
>Simon Billenness
I m a Belgian student in business administration and I m preparing a thesis
about investment in Burma. Because of that, I m deeply interested in every
article dealing about Burma and investment boycott. Please, send me this
Op-Ed on my E-mail.
Thank you very much