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Burmese students escape arrest!!!!!

Subject: Burmese students escape arrest!!!!!!!!!!

Hi friends,

Students who took part in the December 1996 demonstration, are on the
Thai-Burma border after evading arrest. Their names were mentioned at the
Press-Conference held by the infamous intelligence chief Khin Nyunt accusing
them of being"destrustionist". They are planning to arrange a press
conference and willing to share their experiences with friends of Burma. Some
of them have been in Insein jail for their participation in the past
demonstrations. So, if some of you(AI people??) want to find out who is in
Insein jail, they might be able to help you.

Here is their message. """1997 will be a very critical year for Burma.
Students are  very angry about SLORC's handling of the recent demonstration.
None of the students' requests were met but schools were closed, students
were accused of being "destructionists" and thrown into jails.""" 

Students inside Burma needs help. How can you help??? You can contact to
following students who just escaped from Burma.

- Ko Thet Hmu ( He was in Insein jail for 5 years.)
- Ko Than Nyunt Hmu ( He is a student from Institute of Medicine ( 1 ),
Rangoon. )

They can be reached at lurie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

or you can contact Democratic Burmese Students Organization(USA) at

(DBSO notes/ It will be very good if we can invite them to the "Free Burma
Coalition" conference at American University to share their experiences. They
are the students who took part in the December demonstraion and know exactly
what has been going on inside. We can have a clearer picture of the situation
inside Burma especially among the student body. If you have an opinion
regarding this thought, please let us know of what you think.)