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Translators needed to do Volunteer

Subject: Translators needed to do Volunteer work


  I am working with two organizations here in Japan, called "Pro-Democracy for
 Burma" and "People's Forum on Burma."

  Both of these groups need to translate information related to Burmese politi
cs and human-rights into Japanese, because most of the members do not read Eng
lish well.

  It is very important that we distribute as much information as possible to p
oliticians, business people and the general population, because Japan is still
 one of the leading investors in Burma and the Japanese media are reluctant to
 tell the whole story.

  If you are Japanese/English bilingual and willing to help translate even a f
ew short paragraphs, or preferably more, please contact me directly (not throu
gh the list) as soon as possible.

  Thank you

Martin Sieg                 e-mail: QWA01214@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
PD Burma - Japan

       FAX: (81)-3-5387-5733     please put "Martin Sieg Room 212" 
                                 at the top.