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KNU Report, January19,1997

                       Situation Report,  Paan District, Karen State

Due to the failure of talks between the Karen National Union (KNU) and the
State Law and Order Restoration Council (SLORC), the situation at the front
line resistance area has deteriorated. Skirmishes have increased in number
between the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) and the Slorc troops.

In early January, Slorc troops of Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) 549 and the
Democratic Kayin Buddhist Army (DKBA) fined Thee Wah Pu villagers,Paan
district, 250,000 kyats because a small battle broke out in the village
resulting in one killed and one wounded on the Slorc side. Every day about
thirty ox carts were ordered to clear mines along the Ta Nay Cha-Kaw Kareik
road. All the villages in the Ta Nay Cha township have to volunteer to work
for the Slorc troops five days a week. A statement issued by the LIB 549 was
as followed:
1.Any body who has any contact with resistance forces will be severely dealt
2. If there is any explosion or shots fired in the vicinity of any village,
that village will be relocated immediately and a heavy fine paid.

Karen National Union Information Center

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