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Danish Boycott RFI (r)

Rainforest Relief wrote:

dear Tim,

You may try the Burma Business -Dont do it section on the 
Euro-BurmaNet (Paris) site, 
i dont have time now to search it, but if you do not find anything,
please let me know

key word should be Denmark, and check for other key words,(SAS) is


you should be able to find the danes, and the Danish Burma Committee.
hope it helps a bit, metta
dawn star
> From: Rainforest Relief <relief@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Dear Burma-net Readers,
> I am seeking to contact those in Denmark that are working on the
> boycott of Danish companies working in Burma, specifically those working
> on any timber or furniture companies.
> Please contact me directly at
> relief@xxxxxxxxxxx
> with any information you might have.
> Thanks.
> For Earth,
> Tim Keating