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Burma Friends and fellow F.B.C. peo (r)

Subject: Re: Burma Friends and fellow F.B.C. people

BURMAJAPAN@xxxxxxx wrote:

hey philip, good thinking!!!this will be very useful, as i have a
notebook but configuring to send from us could still be complicated,
though my eunet provider is international, but havent yet tested what
that means in complexity or performance, and i would like to get the
conference on the net each night

dawn star
> Subject: Burma Friends and fellow F.B.C. people
> Some of you know me working with the F.B.C. ,the NCGUB, and other Burma
> groups. And at Washington, D.C. area demostrations.
> If you need computer software, hardware, or internet help please contact me.
> If you are worried about the pollution, Chlorine, Flourine, Pesticides, etc.
> in your drinking and batheing water.  I have the solution.
> I also have a GREAT opportunity for all of you.  If you are tired having just
> a J.O.B. ?  (J.O.B.- Just Over Broke)  I want you all to learn about the
> opportunity and natural products.  Arrange a time with me and simply check it
> out.
> Philip - (301)649-1776
> BurmaJapan@xxxxxxx
> http://members.aol.com/BURMAJAPAN/index1.html