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Re junk mail from: ===>> FREE 1 yr

Subject: Re junk mail from: ===>> FREE 1 yr USA Magazine (etc.)

This company, tt@xxxxxxx, is writing to every e-mail list it can find, attempting
direct marketing.  If it isn't illegal, it should be.

I am quoting a suggestion from the management of another ISP in Santa Barbara:

>You might want to either nuke the offending subscription or configure 
>majordomo to only accept input from subscribers, whichever is appropriate.  

We should probably also inform the postmaster at its ISP.

At 05:10 AM 1/19/97, you wrote:
>From: Tempting Tear-outs <tt@xxxxxxx>
>Subject: ===>> FREE 1 yr USA Magazine Sub sent worldwide-270+ Choices!  Up to $64.00 value!
e thousands of happy customers in
>over 59 countries.