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Hi there!

The decision on the GSP has been taken off the agenda for the Council for 
January, I belief (by the Dutch Presidency would you believe it!). My 
information now is not that it is a done job. I think it is important to 
lobby on it wherever possible.

Mirjam (BCN). 

>From: agir ici <agirici@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Hi Kris
>It's me again! As I'm a bit out of touch with things European, do you know
>when the Council of Ministers will meet to ratify the GSP decision? 
>Thanks a lot
>At 14:04 19/12/1996, you wrote:
>>From: KWIA <kwia@xxxxxx>
>>At 18:19 96-12-18, you wrote:
>>>From: "ABSDF (WB)" <brian@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>>>Burma loses EU privileges
>>>Brussels, Dec. 18: The Europeans Commission called on 
>>>Wednesday for Burma to be stripped of trade privileges 
>>>currently accorded by the European Union after finding 
>>>evidence of the widespread use of forced labor there.
>>>The EU executive arm unanimously approved a recommendation
>>>that Burma's membership of the generalized System of Preferences,
>>>which accords developing countries preferential tariffs on their exports
>>>to the EU, be suspended indefinitely. The decision has to be ratified 
>>>by EU foreign ministers. This is seen as a formality in light to the 
>>>Burmese regime's refusal to improve its record on human and 
>>>democratic rights.(AFP)  
>>Dear Burmanetreaders,
>>I'm very happy to read AFP considers the approval of the Commission's
>>decision as a formality. Hopefully they are right. I'm in doubt however
>>whether we can be that sure the council of ministers will ratify the
>>suspension of GSP. Especially the role of France is unclear. The council of
>>ministers takes decisions on the base of consensus. So France can use its
>>Three weeks ago I read an article about French plans to block the
>>suspension. I forgot in what newspaper it was published. If anybody finds
>>articles like that please post it on the net. Also other comments, opinions,
>>articles and information about the likelihood of an easy ratification should
>>be sent to Burmanet.
>>We have to see then whether there is a need for (short running) (letter)
>>campaign towards the French government. If the decision is no formality at
>>all, maybe each national European group also has to provide their ministers
>>(again) with all the needed elements to undermine the French minister's
>>arguments. In that case it will be much more difficult for France to block
>>the decision in the council. Also press attention for the issue is needed.
>>Kris Deckers
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