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For your Bad list, slice 2 Europe v

Subject: For your Bad list, slice 2 Europe v& on the GSP

Dear David,

thanks again for the BAD-update (you like puns, eh?)
I was not sure whether I overlooked it, but maybe you do not yet have 
included in Belgium this adress of the Liaison Committee. I have no name in 
particular, but they sometimes publish on Burma in their newsletter, whoch 
has a wide circle of distribution. I for example try to have them report on 
our briefings and such.

Liaison Committee of Development NGO's to the EU (Liaison Committee)
Square Ambiorix 10
tel: (+32-2)-736.2030/4087
fax: (+32-2)-736.1934/1897
e-mail: vvanbelle@xxxxxxxx (that is one individual)

On the GSP, I have heard the following
France, Germany and the UK are delaying a decision by the Council of 
Ministers of Finance, that will discuss the advise from the European 
Commission this Friday.
Balthasar Benz does not expect a decision to be taken before the ECOFIN of 
17/02/1997, but still does not expect a problem. Another source at the 
GSP-commission said that Germany and France are dead against it (not 
officially, but apparently on the level of the Committee of Permanent 
According to Glenys Kinnock also the UK is delaying the decission. She heard 
that 'they' (all of them) want it postponed until there is sufficient reason 
to also apply economic sanctions on Burma.

Hoping to have informed you with this, kind regards to Zunette if you see 
her, I was called several times by the radio on her report!~

BCN is onafhankelijke stichting. Doel: Nederlandse samenleving informeren 
over Burma. Het initieert en co-ordineert aktiviteiten die democratisering 
en duurzame ontwikkeling bevorderen. Het geeft een positieve bijdrage aan 
een constructieve dialoog tussen de diverse groeperingen.

Paulus Potterstraat 20
(31)20-6716952 (tel)
(31)20-6713513 (fax)


Just remember one website:


This single page serves only as an easy to remember URL and departure
point to resources promoting the establishment of democracy in Burma.