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No Subject Given

(BRC--J recently received this copy of a letter to the Slorc Ambassador from
Nicholas Greenwood of Silken East and Right Now Books, author of The Guide
to Burma.)  

15th January 1997

The Ambassador of the Union of Myanmar
U Win Aung
Embassy of the Union of Myanmar
19A Charles Street
London W1X 8ER
Fax No: 0171 629 4169 

Dear Ambassador U Win Aung,

Today I applied for the Tourist Visa to visit Myanmar. My visa application
was swiftly rejected.

I am not interested why the application was turned down, nor do I wish to
apply again at any Myanmar Embassy, but I would like to know what was the
reasoning behind your invitation to me, and also the reasoning behind the
invitation for me to attend the opening ceremony of Visit Myanmar Year 1996
if I am not welcome in the country?

In view of the fact that you clearly do not wish me to visit Myanmar, and
therefore to no longer continue to promote tourism and to organize tours for
others, I have decided to sever forthwith all ties with your country.  This
will therefore now consist of discouraging would-be visitors, of terminating
immediately all my business deals and contracts and of taking up again, I
suspect, all the previous activities I was involved with, which I had
actually given up to concentrate on promoting tourism as of July last year.

Whilst you may be pleased that I no longer intend to set food ever again in
Myanmar, perhaps you should think again before sending out invitations to
guests, whom you do not deep suitable nor worthy of visiting your country.

Yours sincerely, 

Nicholas Greenwood