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Police block Suu Kyi Supporters (Th

Subject: Police block Suu Kyi Supporters (The Hindu, 13/7/97.)

Police block Suu Kyi supporters
The Hindu, 13/1/97 (New Delhi)
RANGOON, Jan. 12.
Pro-democracy activists hoping to hear weekend speeches by their leaders 
dispersed on Saturday, after seeing they mere outnumbered and surrounded 
by security forces.
About 50 supporters of pro-democracy leader, Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi, who 
has been largely silenced by the military regime in recent months, waited 
briefly at an intersection near her borne in hopes of hearing her speak.
The vice-chairman of Ms. Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy, Ms. Tin 
Oo, then met with the group at the Goodliffe junction, conveying a 
message from Ms. Suu Kyi thanking them for waiting for her. Then he asked 
them to leave.
More than 60 riot police in three light trucks were stationed around the 
junction. Plainclothes members of Myanmar's powerful intelligence service 
were also seen in the area. - AP