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News from China-Burma border (2)

News from China-Burma border (2)

Date: January 9, 1997

Two Chinese women arrested  by the Slorc troops 

On December 4, 1996, over 30 soldiers from the Slorc Light Infantry
Battalion (LIB) No. 319 which is under the command of Banmaw Strategic
Command (Slorc), arrested two Chinese women on Sino-Burma border.  This
incident was reported by timber workers from the border area.

The workers from China are working on logging concession in the Palumbum
range near Nalone village, Momauk township, Kachin state which is under the
control of Kachin Independent Organization (KIO).  Soldiers from LIB No. 319
outpost located close to the  logging area came and arrested the two women
who were collecting the traditional herb for medicine  in that area.  No one
knows that where they have been taken and they have still not been released
yet.  Similarly, on November 21, 9 Slorc troops from Dawphoneyang outpost in
Momauk township who passed over the KIO Khalayan outpost and also arrested
five Chinese logging workers. These logging workers were released after
40,000 Yuan (Approximately $ 5,000 US) bribe paid to the Slorc officers, a
Chinese logging businessman said.

In the last year dry season,  the KIO was selling logging tender of hardwood
to the Chinese private businessmen in KIO controlled area along Sino-Burma
border.  However, the Slorc Northern Military Command has also made a secret
agreement with Chinese logging companies from Paotian district, Yunan
province since last October.  Therefore, observers interpret the situation
as a deliberate interference in the KIO's business activities. 

KIO started selling logging tenders to China after their  cease-fire with
Slorc in 1994.  Despite this, Slorc's military columns often come and seize
goods  or money and beat the people who are working in that logging
concession area.  At the end of 1995, LIB No. 437 of Painne Slorc military
outpost which is situated near Nalone village, Momauk township, led by Maj.
Sein Pu arrested 17 men, 2 women, 3 logging trucks, 24 mules and seized
jewelry and one walkie-talkie.  In addition, they raped two 22-year-old
Chinese women.  One woman died from the gang-rape by  the Slorc soldiers and
the other one managed to escape.  The logging company also had to give a
bribe of  2 million Kyat (Approximately $ 13,793 US) to Capt. Ko Myo and
also had to pay bribes of  10,000 Kyat (Approximately $ 69 US) for each
logging truck.

In this dry season, if the Slorc's military columns interfere the logging
concessions of the  KIO, with whom it has a cease-fire agreement, it would
be military tension between the KIO and the Slorc, said the observers.

All Burma Students' Democratic Front