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Yomiuri: Hashimoto Voiced for Democ

Subject: Yomiuri: Hashimoto Voiced for Democracy in Burma

Daily Yomiuri, Jan 11, 97

 Hashimoto: Promote Democracy in Myanmar

                 Prime Minister Ryutaro Hashimoto urged the Association 
of the Southeast Asian Nations on Friday to promote democracy in Myanmar, 
which is expected to join the regional grouping  soon.

                 During a 90-minute meeting at Merdeka Palace, Hashimoto 
told Indonesian President Suharto that ASEAN membership should not be 
used as a cover for government oppression in Myanmar, Japanese officials 

                 "We hope the admission will be dealt with in a way that 
helps improve the situation there," Hashimoto was quoted as saying.

                 In response, Suharto said it was important for ASEAN 
members to bring Myanmar into the international arena and that a tough 
approach would backfire.

                 Suharto said he would use this year's  unofficial ASEAN 
summit meeting to propose regular summit meetings between ASEAN and Japan.

                 He also assured Hashimoto that Indonesia's national car 
policy did not put Japanese automobile imports at a disadvantage, the 
officials said. Hashimoto said Japan had no objection as long as the 
policy was in  accordance with World Trade Organization rules.