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Cross-postings and other info sourc

Subject: Cross-postings and other info sources

I have recently sent a couple of messages to the list that I gound elsewhere. 
I did so because I felt that there was important information that some people 
were not seeing.

I appologize to those who consequently received messages twice (including this

I suggest that those who are interested in accessing more information subscrib
e to lists they are not on.


mail to: listserver@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
In the body: subscribe free-burma [name]

mail to: Majordomo@xxxxxxx
In the body: subscribe burmanet-l

again, sorry for the inconvenience,

Martin Sieg
PD Burma - Japan

>> zarni wrote:
>Date: Fri, 10 Jan 1997 19:11:36 -0600
>From: zar ni <zni@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Hello Martin,
>I don't think it's a good idea to flood the Free-Burma list with two many pos
>Many Burmese with access to email and web, browse soc.culture.burma, subscrib
e to >BurmaNet, and and other websites and lists. They can get a lot of materi
als from >those lists.
>If there is an overwhleming volumn of postings on the list, a) people will li
kely >unsubscribe the list; and b) the important campaign messages get ignored
 or >overlooked.