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Alternative ASEAN Network on Burma!


  The following is information about an activist group based in Tailand.

I know that a lot of information is provided about various groups on these mai
ling lists, but I fear that there are many we do not know about, and should, s
o we can all coordinate our efforts. I am trying to get more contacts in Asia,
 so if any of you can refer me to some, please do so.

Thank you,

Martin Sieg
PD Burma - Japan

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Date: Fri, 10 Jan 1997 11:31:38 +0700 (GMT+0700)

Jan. 10, 1997

Happy New Year and greetings of solidarity from the Alternative
ASEAN Network on Burma!

The Alt. ASEAN Network was formalized at a regional meeting of
Burma activists in Bangkok last October.  We have established a
regional secretariat here in Bangkok and have been engaging in low
key activities pending more funding. 

Our network extends to political and non-governmental organizations
in Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and the
Philippines (as well as groups in Europe, Australia and North
America). Several initiatives have been completed, notably the
translation of the Alternative ASEAN Declaration on Burma into
languages of ASEAN and regional media campaigns.  More projects are
in the works, including an ASEAN-BURMA multilingual poster to be
launched in time for Union Day.

The Alt ASEAN Meeting on Burma held at Chulalongkorn University in
Bangkok, was the first time that ASEAN-based people and their
foreign colleagues had a forum to grapple specifically with the
role of ASEAN governments and peoples in relation to the struggle
for human rights and democracy in Burma.  I conceived this meeting
and was a key organizer and was later asked to move to Bangkok to
coordinate this regional network.

Before that, I established and coordinated the Burma Solidarity
Group Malaysia, a small core of volunteers, in my spare time.  Our
activities included several demonstrations, memoranda to the
Malaysian government and press releases in late 1995 and through
1996. Our protest of Gen Than Shwe's state visit to Malaysia in
August was particularly noteworthy and made international news. 
These activities were also supported by a wide range of Malaysian
NGOs, a total of 46 NGOs have at one point or another, endorsed our

Prior to moving to Malaysia, and then Thailand, I lived and worked
in Sydney, was an active member of the Burma Support Group Sydney
and worked closely with Burmese activists in Melbourne, Canberra
and Sydney.

Debbie Stothard
Coordinator, Alternative ASEAN Network on Burma