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JiJI: Japanese Want to Make Money W

Subject: JiJI: Japanese Want to Make Money With SLORC Anyway

JiJi: Jan 6, 97 


                           More Japanese Firms Make Inroads into Myanmar

Yangon, Jan. 6 (Jiji Press)--A growing number of Japanese companies are 
making inroads into Myanmar despite political uncertainties in the 
military-controlled country.

The number of Japanese firms that have footholds in Myanmar increased to 
76 at the end of 1996 from 48 at the end of last June, according to the 
Japanese embassy in Yangon.

Some Japanese firms had been reluctant to do business here due in part to 
the standoff between the military junta and the prodemocracy opposition 
forces, led by National League for Democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi, who 
won the 1991 Nobel Peace Prize.

In a departure from such cautiousness, Japanese business circles here are 
now taking a further step to enhance their presence in Myanmar by 
founding a chamber of commerce pretty soon.

On top of major trading houses and banks, Matsushita Electric Industrial 
Co., Hitachi Ltd. and other Japanese consumer electronics makers have 
already set up sales bases in Myanmar in a bid to catch business chances 
in the growing Myanmarese economy.

The scope of Japanese business activities in Myanmar is much broader than 
the number of companies operating here indicate because the embassy does 
not have accurate information on operations of many small 
Japanese-affiliated businesses or individual businessmen doing business 
in the country, embassy sources said.

They also pointed out that not a few municipal governments in Japan sent 
fact-finding missions to Myanmar in response to local companies' requests.

Myanmar is likely to continue to attract Japanese companies this year, 
despite the continuing tense confrontation between the military rulers 
and the opposition forces, the sources said.

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