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Who Controls Burma, Indonesia?

from: jclancy@xxxxxxxxxxx subject: Who controls Burma, Indonesia?
       We must assume that if Cuba was to adopt a regime similar
in form to those in Burma, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Turkey,
then the US, Spain, the Vatican and others would accept that Cuba
had become a true blue democracy with no 'human rights' blemishes.
Well that impossible possibility may be acceptable to the gun,
torture and bible lobbies, but not to the rest of us.

	The problem is World Trade domination; deliberate murder
by starvation and unemployment of the World's unbrilliant,
unwanted, unfortunate, unprotected masses; which the brilliant
Republican, Tory, Democrat, loud-mouthed right-wing politicians of
the capitalist world have decreed to be locked outside the world's
future. Who needs trees, animals, birds, clean air, pure water,
poets, gentle-not-brutal, caring-not-aggressive, planning minds
-not dictatorial minds?  These power-soaked, corrupted and
corrupting, dollar-damaged US Administrations lead the way to
nowhere. Their seriously brain-short, allied sheep just follow.

     Both Burma and Indonesia once had firm but reasonable gov'ts.
Both suffered a US-supported coup -not unusual in countries which
are unfortunate enough to own oil and mineral reserves, and in
Burma's case huge reserves of heroin -the CIA's preferred booty to
be used in that organisation's dream world.
     Both now support Army Generals and thats what the US
interests insist on, for security, for repression, for torture,
for brutality for their sick cheap-slave profits. If the US
properly taxed these corporations, medicare and welfare for its
own starving scrap-heap people would not "have" to be cut. The
Freeport mine in West Papua had its recent taxes waived, in
support of its US shareholders.

	Both the opposition leaders against the "Generals"
-Burma's Aung San Suu Kyi and Indonesia's Megawati Sukarnoputri
-were the daughters of the US-replaced national hero Generals.
Both now see the main trade imports and finance for oil drilling,
refineries, armaments and torture equipment come from America.
Both have been physically and mentally abused, with thousands of
their supporters shot, disappeared, and imprisoned without trial
-all good "democratic" ways and means, because the USA says so.

   This morning's BBC report mentions the SLORC army still
shelling the refugee camps of Burmese Karen people in US ally
THAILAND. The Karen are the native or indigenous people. This
makes them expendable in the thoughts of US politicians and
presidents. The "generals" want their lands, so all must die.
THAILAND makes un- comfortable noises about their stay on its
sacred soil. (Australia makes the same noise about our asylum
refugees from EAST TIMOR.  Only our Courts can save them from
Suharto's killing.)  THAILAND's education levels are low and
unemployment very high -(GATT and WTO rules). US and "Allied"
industries are thus moving to even cheaper labor areas -like
     MALAYSIA and SINGAPORE on the other hand, with pacified popu-
lations and upgraded industry and training, pay higher wages -to
the brightest 'yuppies'. There is no social security here for the
poor. This generates the alternatives- strikes riots, and chaos.

	Well, as long as Aung San and Megawati understand who
their "other" enemy really is, which hides behind generals all
around the world, then one can only plead for them and for the
future of the dispossessed and traumatized millions, or billions,
of our/your neighbours. Mdme. Albright has issued another threat
to all!!  JC