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DS: My Dad: An Essay by A Young Bur

Subject: DS: My Dad: An Essay by A Young Burmese 

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Verzonden:  dinsdag 7 januari 1997 8:40
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Onderwerp:  My Dad: An Essay by A Young Burmese 

Dear Fellow Spiders:

Below, please find an essay written by Htet Het, a young Burmese student at 
Northeast Elementary, Ithaca, NY.  About two years ago Htet Htet immigrated  
with his mother and sister to the U.S. where his father, Ko Htun Aung Gyaw, 
was granted political asylum.  Htun was a prominent leader in the 1975 student 
uprising.  He was imprisoned for 5 years for his involvement in the student 
movement later by the Burma Socialist Program Party government and tortured 
almost to death. Htun's close colleague and a Chin student leader Ko Tin Maung 
Oo,  was hang in Insein prison for his leading role in 1975 student uprising.

Htun was also the first chairman of the All Burma Democratic Students' Front.  
A graduate student at Cornell, Htun is now finishing his M.A. thesis on 
Burma's military dictatorship.

We are publishing booklet that contains a collection of essays, poems, and 
information pieces on Burma.  The booklet will be available at the Free Burma 
gathering at American University in Washington, DC (Jan.31-Feb.4).  If you are 
interested in being part of this conference, please register at our website at 
http://wicip.org/fbc/   To get to the registration form, please click on 
"Register for the Conference" (which is located at the top left hand corner of 
the very first page of the FBC page.

peace,love, and hope,


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"Here is my son Essay.  It was published in "visions and Voices" A collection
of writing and Art by students from around the world. Volume 9, Spring 1996.
This publication was developed and printed with funds provided by a grant
from the New York State Education Department.

                                My Dad

        In my country, Burma, our president is a bad president.  He does
everything he wants and people can't stop him because he has the whole army.
But some students who didn't like him fight back for freedom.  My dad is one
of them.  His job is very dangerous.  The persident calls them rebels who
are fighting against him.

My dad is one of the special people in my country.  There is another special
person too.  She fights for freedom.  Her name is Aung San Suu Kyi.  She won
the Nobel Peace Prize.  Her father fought back for freedom from Britain too
but he died years ago.  If he is here now, all the Burmese people will have
freedom.  Aung San Suu Kyi was in jail in recent years in her house.  She
couldn't go anywhere.  She knows my dad because he was in jail for years too.

My dad almost died in jail.  He had to sit on a big ice cube there.  They
tied my dad and hung him upside down and stuck him with bat.  He and his
friend didn't have food in jail so they even had to make a mouse trap, catch
mice and cook them on light bulbs to eat them.

My dad said it was a very hard time in jail.  When I grow up, My dad wants
me to be a man like him, fighting for freedom.  I guess that's what I am
supposed to be!.

                                                Htet Win,
                                             Northeast Elementary, Ithaca

When spiders unite they can tie down a lion.  (Ethiopian Proverb)

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