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The Independence Day

The 49th  Anniversary of Burma's Independence Day
Organized by the ALL Burma students League (ABSL) 

Burma  achieved its independence from the British
colonial rule on 4th January 1948. However, the people
of Burma have not been benefitting from the freedom
they had fought for but face various hardships and
pains under the authoritarian regimes in the country
since 1962. The people are now waging their "Second
independence struggle" fighting against the ruling
military government and for the restoration of
democracy and human rights in the country, with the
cooperation of the All Manipur students Union (AMSU)
and Kuki students Organization (KSO), the All Burma
Students league is organization a political programme
of "Celebration of the 49th Anniversary of Burma's
Independence Day" on 4th January 1997. The celebration
will be held at border township between Burma and
India. The venue of the programme will be at Krishna
Cinema Hall of Morch township  of Manipur state in
     The main objectives of the programme are ;

     (1)   To renew the solidarity of the people of
India, particularly of Manipur who have extended
support to the people of Burma in their struggle for
the restoration of democracy and human rights in the
country ,

     (2)   To highlight the present political, social
and economic situation inside Burma under the ruling
military regime to the outside world, 

     (3)   To promote the "the people to people "
relationship between the two communities,

     (4)   To pressurize the authorities of Burma for
the prompt democratization process in the country.

The celebration will start at 11:00 AM and it will be
attended by the political leaders, students and youth
leaders, human rights activists and intellectuals of
Manipur State. Moreover, the Burmese community who are
staying in the Indo-Burma border area will participate 
at the Independence Day Ceremony. The chief guest of
the ceremony is Mr. O. Joy Singh who is the governor of
the friends of Burma in Manipur and also the President
of the Manipur Peoples Party (MPP). The (MPP) is the
biggest local political party in Manipur state. The
eminent speakers include Mr. Kh. Jibon Singh, Secretary
General of Janata Dal party in India. Leaders of
Congress Party, Dr. R.K. Ranjan, Deputy Registrar of
Manipur University, Mr Ksh. Santa, State Secretary
Council Member of Communist party of India (Marxist)
and Mr. L. Sotinkumar, State Executive Council member
of Communist Party of India.
Com. Myat Thu, President of the All Burma Students
League, will deliver the Presidential address at the
ceremony. Com. Kyaw Than, Vice-President of the All
Burma Students League (ABSL) will express "Vote of
Thanks" to the speakers and participants at the end of
the ceremony. The celebration of Independence Day will
be followed by a "peace march" and a "public rally" at
the border town. The peace march will highlight the
ongoing human rights violations in Burma committed by
the ruling military junta, namely the State Law and
Order Restoration council(SLORC).  the peace marchers
will issue a memorandum demanding the military generals
of Burma to transfer the state power to the National
League for Democracy (NLD) immediately and to accept
the offer of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi for "the dialogue" to
solve the countries problems politically and
peacefully. Moreover, the memorandum will urge the
international community to impose the "Global Trade
Embargo" against the ruling military regime in Burma as
it did against the apartheid regime of South Africa.
         Date: 4th January 1997, Place: Imphal, Manipur
State of India.


4th January 1997

forty nine years have already completed today that
Burma stands as an independent and sovereign nation in
the world and it is approaching its Golden Jubilee of
Independence. However the people and the country have
been overwhelmed by the destruction and oppression of
the military dictatorship which has existed in 35 years
of this half century.

In this period which the military dictators have ruled
the county and are still ruling, The people of Burma
are experiencing poverty and oppression more that ever
before. The economy, education, health and moral ethics
of the nation and people have been deteriorated and the
"nationalism" of the people have lowered and it
continues to lower.

The people suffer daily hardships as the result of
poverty, exploitation, threat, intimidation, illegal
arrest and detention, killings and forced laboring
which have existed in the country in this period. For
the people of Burma, freedom which was fought by the
national leader Bogyoke Aung San and all other
patriotic martyrs with blood and sweat, is now like a
dream. The most inhuman, betrayed and shameless acts of
the military leaders of Burma today are killing and
torturing its own people at their will.

the most dreaded and frightening thing is that because
of the absent minded actions of the military dictators,
Burma is now facing the danger of breaking up into
pieces from a union which was founded by the leaders of
all the nationalities of the country based on freedom,
fraternity, equality and mutual respect. The only way
to prevent  this danger is to wipe out the ruling
military regime, the BSPP turned State Law and Order
Restoration Council (SLORC).

While the leaders of the world are working for the
betterment of their peoples and countries approaching
into the 21st century, the power hungry military
generals of the SLORC are selling the country and the
people to China to prolong their power.

It is the national duty of the people of Burma to wipe
out the military dictators for  national integration,
national reconciliation and freedom which the people
can truly enjoy. Therefore, it is important that the
people from all walks of life with the revolutionary
spirit to actively join the People's Struggle which is
being relentlessly waged by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and
patriotic students and youth of the county.

Freedom is for the people who dare to fight for it. On
this historic day of 49th Anniversary of Burma's
Independence, the All Burma Students League (ABSL)
makes a revolutionary alert for the people off Burma
from all strata of life to actively participate in the
"Second Independence Struggle" for the fundamental
rights of the individuals and the communities.

We demand the ruling military generals of Burma to
accept the offer of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi for "the
dialogue" to solve the country's problems politically
and peacefully and to hand over the state power to the
National League for Democracy (NLD) party. We call upon
the international community to impose a "Global Trade
Embargo" against the military government as it did
against the apartheid regime of South Africa.

Central Commitee
All Burma Students League.