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RE, Burmese spies slip past ASIO

Democratic Voice of Burma(SYDNEY)

Burmese spies slip past  ASIO


	AUSTRALIAN  intelligence  agents  are  tracking  down  spies  from  Burma's  
ruling  regime  who  are slipping  into  the  country  posing  as  businessmen 
 and  students.
	The  alleged  State  Law  and  Order  Restoration  Council  agents  are  
using  non-military  passports  and  entering  via  countries  such  as  
Thailand, Malaysia  and  Singapore.
	But  they  are also  getting  visas  through  "locally  engaged  staff "  at  
the  Australian  embassy  in  Rangoon.
	It  has  been  confirmed  the  embassy's  visa  operations  and  claims  of  
bribes  have  been  investigated  a  number  of  times by  Immigration  and  
Foreign  Affair  personnel.
	But  none  of  the  allegations  could  be  substantiated.
	ASIO  is  aware of  some  of  the  entries  and  has  called  on  Burmese  
communities  in  Sydney  and  Melbourne  for help.
Local  Burmese  said  a  former  military  intelligence  chief  had  visited  
Australia  in  the  past  six  months  to  allegedly  launder  money  through 
a Buddhist center.
	He  said  there  were  also  young  intelligence  officers  studying  in  
universities  in  NSW, WA, and  New Zealand. A  spokesman   from  the  
Immigration  Department  said the  Federal  Government  did  not  have  any  
restriction  on SLORC  members  entering  but  reviewed  visa  application  on 
	The  spokesman  said  the  department, on  advice  from  ASIO, the  AFP or  
Interpol, would  take  into  account  an  application from  a  "character  of  
January  6, 1997