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Biggest Ever Rally In Australia (r)

Hi Ko Min Aung Myint,=20

=09Do you get the message of I sent. If you get pls return to me.

Win Aung Kyaw

On 5 Jan 1997 burma@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> From: BURMA OFFICE <burma@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Independence Day Rally in Australia
> At 12:00 noon on 4 January, 1997, Burma=92s Independence Day, more than
> 350 Burmese living in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide and
> Brisbane, Australia, gathered and staged a rally in front of SLORC=92s
> embassy in Canberra. This time around, the activitists had four main
> objectives in mind regarding the rally on our nation=92s Independence
> Day.  They are as follows:-
> 1. To commemorate the =93first independence=94 of our motherland from the
> yoke of colonial rule whilst bearing in mind that we still have to
> strive for our =93second independence=94 from the brutal military
> dictatorship as heralded by our leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi;
> 2. To condemn the continued crackdown on scores of elected
> representatives and other pro-democracy activists;
> 3. To render our warmest support to the students who have recently
> spearheaded a series of remarkable protests in Rangoon and other places
> calling for students' rights and return to democracy;
> 4. To urge the international community and, in particular, the
> Australian Government to implement decisive and effective measures,
> including economic sanctions, against the illegitimate junta.
> [There was no reception at the SLORC Embassy in Canberra to mark the
> Independence Day as in the past years.]