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December 22, 1996
Reported by liaison Department of The Shan United Revolutionary Army.

On 10.11.96, at 08:30 am, SURA troops from company 451 of No. 759 Brigade
ambushed SLORC troops on Kholam - Kunhing motor road. One SLORC troop died.

On 10.11.96, 12:00 hrs., SURA troops from company 152 of 758 Brigade attacked
SLORC troops near Wan Long village, Kenglom tract, Kunhing township. SLORC
suffered 5 deaths.

On 11.11.96, 17:00 hrs., SURA company 152 of No.758 Brigade again attacked SLORC
troops near Wan Long, Kenglom tract, Kunhing township. SLORC lost two lives.

On 6.12.96, at 05:00 hrs., company 159 of No.758 Brigade of the SURA clashed
with SLORC No.346
LIB on Kholam - Kunhing road between Sai Mon and Kung Mao villages. The fight
lasted for a short while during which 2 Burmese soldiers died and 2 wounded.
SURA captured 2 G-3 rifles and 200 rounds of ammo, 2 M-79 motor shells, and 8
G-3 magazines.

On 10.12.96, 06:30 hrs., SURA troops from No.758 Brigade attacked SLORC No.66 IB
on Lai Kai - Mong Su road near Oo Mang and Mai Hoong Ha Ton villages, Zalai Khum
tract, Lai Kha township. SLORC suffered 2 deaths -- a Sergeant and a staff
officer. SURA seized 1 G-4 rifle, 100 ammo and 4 magazines.

On 15.12.96, SURA 758 Brigade, company 153 was secretly attacked by SLORC troops
near Ho Ya village, Mong Norng tract, Kae See township. The battle lasted for 2
hours. Casualty unknown.

On 16.12.96, SURA No.153 company, No.758 Brigade,ambushed SLORC troops from Mong
Norng between Hai Pa - Wan Saw villages, Hai Pa tract, Mong Su township. One
Burmese sergeant and one private died in the battle and SURA captured 1 G-3

On 16.12.96, 11:00 hrs., a battle broke out between SURA No.757 Brigade, company
151 and SLORC troops near Wan Norng Sim west of Loi La, Loi Ai tract, Mong Nai
township. Casualty unknown.

On 17.12.96, 07:00 hrs., SURA No.758 Brigade, company 152 met and fought with
SLORC troops near Wan Kard Mot south of Kung Keng village, Norng Long tract,
Mong Nai township. Casualty unknown.

On 19.12.96, troops from company 151 of No.757 Brigade of the SURA, led by
Sergeant Ti Ma, ambused a train ( railway ) south of Hai Phak village, Hai Phak
tract, Nam Zarng township. Two railway police and 1 train driver were killed.

On 15.11.96, 2 SLORC troops from No.64 IB defected and surrendered to SURA. The
two Burmese soldiers were : 
( a ) Maung Soe Paing, 21, private, son of U Thit and Daw Ma Lay Sein, Magui
township, Magui        division.
( b ) Aung Naing, 20, private, son of U Bo Aung and Daw Hla Than, Alon township,
Rangoon division.

Both of them belonged to company 3 under company commander Capt. Thet Naing;
battalion commander Lt. Col. Myo Oak.

They brought with them 2 G-3 rifles and 400 rounds of ammunition.