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Junta allows party men, press to se

Subject: Junta allows party men, press to see Suu Kyi (The Hindu, 5/1/97)

Junta allows party men, press to see Suu Kyi
The Hindu, 5/1/97 (New Delhi)
YANGON, Jan. 4.
Myanmarese Opposition leader, Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi today marked the 
nation's 49th anniversary of independence with a vow to step up efforts 
to bring democracy to Myanmar despite restrictions on her and her supporters.
"We are going to continue with the work we have set out for ourselves, 
which is to achieve democracy for Myanmar," Ms. Suu Kyi, said at a ,news 
conference during an Independence Day celebrations at her house.
"My father did not give up his life that Myanmar might be crushed under 
the military's 600t. 'He gave up his life that Myanmar might be free,,, 
she added.
The country's ruling State Law and Order Restoration Council (SLORC) made 
a surprising move today when it allowed, Ms. Suu Kyi and her National 
League for Democracy (NLD) Party to hold the celebration at her residence.
For the past month Ms. Suu Kyi has been under close scrutiny, and 
virtually confined to her house as the SLORC restricted her, movements 
and visitors in the wake of a series of student street demonstrations and 
bombings in the capital.
Though Ms. Suu Kyi said she appreciated the SLORC gesture to allow about 
1,500 NLD members, invited guests and media to pass through barricades 
blocking access to her street to attend the celebration, she lashed out 
at the Government for its restrictive measures and crackdowns on the 
democracy movement." 1 am being kept under wrongful restraint. We have a 
list of political prisoners taken over the past two months and this is 
now well over 100, and 1 think the numbers are going up," she said. -- 
V Jayanth reports from Singapore:
The anniversary of independence was an occasion for the SLORC to focus 
the people's attention on history and attempt to generate some patriotism 
among the Myanmarese. The attempt was also to highlight the so called 
"achievement" during the military junta's seven-year rule that was said 
to have brought peace, stability and economic development to the country.
Leaders of the SLORC and the military regional commanders participated in 
a series of functions to mark the occasion, not only in the capital 
Yangon, but all over Myanmar. The Universities remain closed.
A spokesman for the All Burma Students' Union, in Bangkok, said that the 
organisation had stepped up its anti-SLORC campaign. "As Myanmar enters 
the 50th year of its independence, we are determined to launch a fresh 
struggle to secure real independence for the people.
"Unless there is freedom in the country and the people are allowed to 
pursue their aspirations, there can be no meaning for freedom. It will be 
a sad reflection on Myanmarese culture and society, if we have to observe 
the 50th anniversary of our independence under military rule. We are 
appealing to our friends in the Asean countries to assist us in the 
process of restoring democracy in the country and ensuring there is 
genuine independence and a Government of the people". the spokesman said.