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Action for the next new 1996 year

After the Christmas day, there is  bomb-explosion at Rangoon, which killed 4
person. Japanese newpaper source said, it was an act by Karen dissident

But, I heard nothing about the case from source of border area. There were no
person who know the case detail more than TV and newspaper told. Anyway let's
think about it.Who would have gain, or make porfit from the case.

Previous to the case. nearly 1,000 number of Burmese students has stage at
Rangoon , and demostrated against SLORC government. I got the Japanese
businessman told,"The student is troublesome, who made inconveniece for
people here. We are very sorry to them, they did not care about people
actually, who wants peace and economic prosperity.A small part of people like
them, is most major obstruction of Myanmar's development."

Even by many views, over 250 protestors held by government force later and
there was students demostrations in Mandalay capital of upper Burma up to
near today. Also Yangon universities closed after student protests. The
students know what would happen on them. Could not you think the bomb
explosion was happen for made change the student believes possible of arrest
to shot-dead.

Many of Burma visitors in recently, were business people. Really there are no
mean for destruction of The Visit Myanmar Year at the last case. 

Bomb explosion in Rangoon, were not first time. In all cases, no sufferer of
army relatives, and happen on the time when does government needs reason to
threaten protestors.

In Karen armed groupe, even I heard some "going to kill foreign- supporter
for SLORC" from "foreign guest in Karens." Karen told "don't want to hurt
anyone who doesn't concern SLORC," even there are possibility of terro-attack
by hard-liner, would targetting first to government office, or foreign office
which government has military-cooperated tightly,even from necessary to care
about safety of friendly force, the facilities of wate or electric-power
supply were in first, and banking or foreign company-office were in second
target, from military view. 

If we are terrorists who likely SLORC said, we should bring bomb to shopping
center or movie theater because of it mignt kill much people more than last
case in Rangoon.

The European Commission had a decision to cut Burma's low tariff access to
the Europena Union market. More ABSDF called the sanction, arms trade
embargo, and the diplomatic pressure on the SLORC . But how about China?
Korea? Singapore? and many more Asian other countries,especially, Japanese
companies have expressed to increase their investments in Myanmar, like
Marubeni-groupe. We can not stop to Mitsui, which will build a shipyard?

It seems like the Japanese media works does not make anything what made stop
them to concern SLORC's Myanmar. 

Do you have any idea for what we going to move on next 1997 year?

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