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Indo-Burma border news (r)

Custom of Monywa blocked all trucks carrying goods from 
Mandalay To Tamu
Date 16th January 1997
        Since 9th January 1997 trucks carrying goods from 
Mandalay to Tamu border town of Indo-Burma border were 
blocked by custom of Monywa Saggaing division. As such the 
prices of basic commodities rise up in Tamu (Indo-Burma border 
        Because though the border trade between Indian and Burma 
had been opened on 12th April 1995, the marchants and traders are 
transporting goods unofficially by bribing all the check points along 
the way.
        The marchant who got import, export license  from Tamu 
said if they transport officially there are many formalities and take 
time. The taxes are very much high as well. So, they usually 
transport all kind of goods unofficially.
        In border trade if we compare two countries, goods export 
from India side are much greater than Burma. Border trade is only 
one side. That's why trade minister Gen. Tun Kyi is very much 
angry on this situation and threatened that he is going to closed 
border trade.
        Although the marchants are not transporting goods legally 
they have to pay taxes unnecessarily in order not to  close border 
News and Information Unit
ABSDF (Western-Burma)