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Indo-Burma border news

        NLD president from Tamu branch, Saggaing division was   
                        seriously tortured
Date. 16th January 1997.
        NLD president U Kyin Swan Khan (A) U Par Khan from 
Tamu branch Saggaing division was seriously tortured by military 
intelligent during interrogation. Both eyes were injured and lost eye 
sight. According to doctor's examination he should be treated in big 
city like Mandalay to get proper treatment. But, the military 
authorities of Tamu township did not allow him to go to Mandalay 
for further treatment.
        At present he is being kept in Tamu police station without 
medical care. If the situation remains unchanged his eye sight may 
be lost for ever.
        Five NLD active members including U Kyin Swan Khan 
from Tamu branch were arrested on 18th December 1996. The 
SLORC's accusation was holding NLD meeting  on 18th December 
1996 without the knowledge of township Law and Order 
Restoration Council and holding of anti-government papers. 
        On 20th December 1996 they were sent to army camp in 
Kalay town and after they had been interrogated they were sent 
back to Tamu town. They are still being kept in Tamu police 
News and Information Unit
ABSDF (Western-Burma)