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1) Student Leader Detained
2) Thakin Lwin Passed Away At His Home In Rangoon
3) Rangoon Institute of Technology Transferred


1) Military Intelligence Arrests Student Leader Ko Soe Tun And

Military Intelligence Service (MIS) personnel arrested Ko Soe
Tun, interim chairman of the student union, and 8 other students
on Christmas Day in Rangoon.

It's understood the students were holding a meeting to plan
resuming student action on December 27 when the MIS detained


2) Thakin Lwin Passes Away At His Home In Rangoon

Thakin Lwin, a leading member of the democratic opposition and
former freedom fighter against British colonial rule, died at his
home in Rangoon on December 20. 

He was a leading member of the Doh Bama Ahsee Ahyone (We-Burmese
Association) which was the main opposition group against the
British. He was a leading member of U Nu's Anti-Fascist People's
Freedom League (AFPFL) government and the general secretary of 
the Trade Union Congress of Burma (TUCB). He later founded 
Burma's Workers and Peasants Party (BWPP) after AFPFL split and
allied with Widura Thakin Chit Maung.
His funeral service was held on December 24 at Kyan Daw Cemetery.
Those that attended the funeral were family members, friends,
members of various political parties and representatives of
diplomatic missions in Rangoon.

His family members and supporters carried his coffin from Louis
Street to Maha Bandoola Street, before the coffin was placed in a
hearse and taken to the cemetery to be cremated.

Sources in Rangoon told the ABSDF that U Kyi Maung, vice chairman
of the NLD, attended the service. Daw Aung San Suu Kyi was unable
to attend as she has not be allowed out of her house following
the recent student protests. 

3) Rangoon Institute of Technology Is Transferred To The Ministry
Of Science And Technology

Sources in Rangoon told the ABSDF that the SLORC has transferred
the Rangoon Institute of Technology from the Ministry of
Education to the newly-created Ministry of Science and

Although there are rumors and speculations as to why the
institute was handed over to the ministry, the move is not clear.

All Burma Students Democratic Front