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Dear Comrades and Friends,

In support of the Burmese students inside the country, the Burmese pro-
democracy activists in India are going to hold a public rally tomorrow
(25th October 1996) in New Delhi. We request you to organize public
rallies and demonstrations in front of SLORC Embassy in your respected
countries simultaneously. 


                       PRESS RELEASE

Burmese students from Yangon Arts and Science University (YASU) and
Yangon Institute of Technology (YIT) are holding demonstrations in
Rangoon,  the Capital of Burma, against the brutality of military
authorities. Nearly a thousand Burmese students participated in the
demonstration which occurred yesterday. In response to these students
demonstrations, the ruling military regime of Burma, namely State Law
and Order Restoration Council (SLORC),  arrested a hundred of students
in two days. U Kyi Maung, a Vice-Chairman of the National League for
Democracy (NLD) party was arrested yesterday and he is still in illegal
detention of the military authorities.

We, the members of the All Burma Students League ; 

     express our wholehearted support and solidarity to the Burmese
     students and youth inside the country in their fight against the
     military dictatorship,

     condemn the military junta for its continued illegal detention of
     pro-democracy activists and demand to release all the political
     prisoners including U Kyi Maung and student leaders immediately,

     urge the people of Burma from all walks of life to join with the
     students in their struggle for the restoration of democracy in the
     country, and

     urge the international community to impose global economic
     sanctions against the military government in Burma.


Central Committee
All Burma Students League

Date :    24th October 1996