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Utne Reader Articles on Burma

Utne Reader Articles on Burma

The November/December 1996 Utne Reader contains an updated version of John
Pilger's article "Slave Nation" from the June 1996 New Internationalist. 

John Pilger's article is accompanied by one of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's
letters. The letter describes the SLORC's crackdown on a NLD New Year's
ceremony in April.

Although I provided Utne Reader with an updated list of actions people can
take for Burma complete with contact addresses, the editors printed instead
an article from the Kyoto Journal on the "haiku attack" on Mitsubishi. Utne
Reader did print one contact address: my own. However, Utne Reader listed my
fax number instead of my phone number.

Despite the disappointment over the lack of contact information, I would
recommend the issue as a good one to copy and distribute to people as an
introduction to Burma. Utne Reader is well respected in politically
progressive circles in the US and Canada.

If you cannot find a copy of the issue on the newsstands, call Utne Reader
at (612) 338-5040 or email info@xxxxxxxx

In December, Utne Reader will host an on-line discussion of Burma in Cafe
Uthe at www.utne.com/cafe.  I'm sure you obtain details of that from the
Utne website.

Simon Billenness
Franklin Research & Development