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Karen rebels to hold ceasefire talk

Subject: Karen rebels to hold ceasefire talks

Bangkok Post Oct 29, 1996
Karen rebels to hold ceasefire talks with Slorc

The anti-Rangoon Karen National Union is to enter into ceasefire talks with
the Rangoon junta on November 17, a source said yesterday.

Gen Bo Mya, the KNU president, took up Rangoon's offer after it was
discussed at a three-day meeting of 25 Karen executives at the Htee Ka Per
base, opposite Umphang.

The 25-member panel, chaired by Gen Bo Mya, assigned Lt-Gen Tamalabaw to
lead the talks with the State Law and Order Restoration Council.

It was agreed the KNU guerrillas will keep their arms and propose Slorc
withdraw its forces from around Karen-held areas.

If the parties reached a formal agreement, the KNU will ask the junta to
hold peace talks with all anti-Slorc minorities.

In the meantime, hostilities continue. Karens clashed with 100 troops of
Slorc's Battalion 257 near the border opposite Umphang last week.

Rangoon sent troops to guard a company prospecting for ore in the area after
it claimed to have received a protection demand.