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Subject: Suu Kyi accuses junta of vulgarity
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Suu Kyi  accuses junta of vulgarity
The Asian Age ( October 21, 1996 )
Bangkok, Oct 20: Her home barricaded by Burma=92s military regime for the 
fourth weekend, pro-democracy leader Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi has called 
authorities =93vulgar=94 and said they wasted badly needed money watching =

In her weekly syndicated news-paper column, Letter from Burma, the Nobel 
Peace Price laureate recounted the harassment she and her supporters have 
endured since the government have endured since the government block the 
streets to her home on the eve of a planned opposition party congress on 
September 27.

The barricades remained in place for 11 days and at least 537 supporters o=
Ms. Suu Kyi=92 National League for Democracy were detained and questioned.=
After being lifted for a few days, the barricades were put back in place o=
October 11 and remained there.

The barricades have prevented customary weekend rallies by thousands of 
supporters outside Ms. Suu Kyi=92s home. However, she said in the column 
that it has not restricted from meeting her party leaders or discussing th=

=93Everywhere we want, the authorities exhibited the most intense, not to =
vulgar, curiously, surrounding the place with military intelligence and se=
personnel, wasting the a lot of video and camera film recording all the co=
and goings,=94 she wrote.

=93We estimated that the government intelligence organisations must spend 
between 80 to 90 per cent of their time, energy and money on matters relat=
to NLD activities,=94 se said.

=93How much more sensible it would be to come to a civilised settlement th=
would remove the need for spies and sieges.=94

The ruling State Law and Order Restoration Council has refused all of 
Ms. Suu Kyi=92 appeals for a dialogue despite freeing her from six years o=
house arrest in 1995. Several followers have been sentenced to prison over=
the past year, and no larger-scale meeting of her party has been allowed. =
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