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Organization: Forum for Democracy and Human Rights
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Date: Mon, 21 Oct 1996 11:55:36 +0000
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Subject: An appeal to UN, International Agencies
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Subj: : Appeal to U.N., International Agencies and Organization to Request=
be Stopped Brutal Killing and Arrested Village=92s Chiefs By Burmese Army.

Mr. Bawi Kung, Haka (the capital of Chin State), Burma who returned back 
from Mizoram State on 09/10/96, was brutaled murdered by Burmese Army.
Second Lieutanant Soe Tun, who is commander of Hriphi Post ( Than Tlang  
Township ) under No.266 Light Infantry Battalion, based their headquarters=
at Haka, accompanies with other 30 armies went to Ngalang village, Than 
Tlang Township, on 09/10/96 without prior information and restriction to 
the villageers they surrounded the village at about 5:00 pm on 09/10/96. 
Mr. Bawi Kung and his two friends of Pa Sui and Pa Lian intend to enter 
the village to sleep one night at thee. When they arrived the village, the=
Burmese Army shot so many rounds to them without any question and 
Mr. Bawi Kung was dead on the spot. Two of his friends tried to flee away 
but Pa Lian was arrested. Pa Sui could escaped and inform to CHRO about 
the matter. A member of CHRO, Mr. Biak Ceu went to Ngalang village on 
11/10/96 to enquire further information. Acccording to Mr. Biak Ceu the 
body  of  Mr. Bawi Kung was rolled with blanket and nobody was permitted 
to take. The Burmese Army ordered the villagers to let it buried as soon a=
posible. Curfew order was declared till the next afternoon. Pa Sui was bro=
with them and didn=92t know further information about him. All the village=
elders who did=92t know the name of CNF ( Chin National Front ) leaders we=
tortured. Mr. Pamaung was hit with their gun several times on his body so 
that he is now being looked after under medical care and serious condition=