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Massachusetts Burma Roundtable (r)

Massachusetts Burma Roundtable

November, 1996

1. 	Roundtable News:   **please note the change of location for the
2. 	Upcoming Events
3. 	Christopher Cox's New Book, Chasing the Dragon: Into the Heart of the
Golden Triangle.
4. 	Campus News
5. 	Why Sanctions Work!
7. 	November Meeting
8. 	Newsletter Information


	Please note that this month's Roundtable meeting will be held at the
Unitarian Universalists Service Committee at 7:00 p.m. on November 12th in
Cambridge at 130 Prospect Street near Central Square.  Please contact
Shalini Nataraj at (617) 868-6600 ext. 225 if you need further assistance.  

	What was at first only a  handful of Boston area activists, the
Massachusetts Burma Roundtable has grown to include individuals across
Massachusetts and in bordering states. Our mailing list reaches out all over
New England.  With this in mind, a discussion has been initiated on the
issue of renaming the organization, possibly to the "New England Burma
Roundtable."  This might, at the very least, be a good idea for future
newsletters.  If  anyone has any thoughts on this subject, please call
Charlotte at (617) 789-4352 or e-mail at imchaos@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  We
appreciate your comments.  

	On a similar note, Rob Fish, an activist in Maine, had the opportunity of
meeting with Jill M. Goldthwait, a Maine State Senator who is very
interested in finding out how the State Senate in Maine would feel about
legislation similar to that of Massachusetts' selective purchasing law.  She
voiced an interest in sponsoring such a bill in the Maine Senate.  Also,
Kathy Born, Vice Mayor of the City of Cambridge, expressed interest in
getting the ball rolling on local selective purchasing legislation.  

	Now that state legislation is in place in Massachusetts, these might be
areas which Massachusetts Roundtable activists can devote their energies.
If you have any questions, please contact Simon Billenness at (617)423-6655
ext. 225.

	Lastly, although flooding and high winds affected attendance at the October
20th Burma forum at the JFK Library, we are grateful that a number of
roundtable members did brave the storm and come out.  A very impressive
presentation was enjoyed by all who were there. 

Please mark your calendar for these upcoming 
events.  More information will be provided as 
the dates come upon us. 

	On DECEMBER 11, 1996, the Reebok Human Rights Awards will be held in
Boston.  A Burmese will be one of the award recipients.  Invitations to the
event will be sent to everyone on the Burma Roundtable list.  
	On DECEMBER 22, 1996, a talk about Burma issues will be held at the Ethical
Society of Boston.  Several Roundtable participants will be guest speakers
at this event.   

	Marcia Poole of the BBC World Service, Burmese section, will be in Boston
in December.  She is interested in speaking at our December Roundtable
meeting.  We will keep you updated.  

	As a reminder, the Buddhism in America Conference will be held on January
17-19 in Boston.  Gary Dmytryk is planning a table on Burmese activism at
the conference.  If you can donate time or money (the table costs $250),
please contact him at (617) 491-1197. 

3. 	Christopher Cox's New Book, Chasing the Dragon: Into the Heart of the
Golden Triangle.

You are invited to celebrate
the publication of 


By Christopher R. Cox
published by Henry Holt & Co., Inc.

Friday, Nov., 8, 1996

	3:00 p.m. 	Harvard Book Store
			1256 Mass Avenue, Cambridge, 
			(617) 651-1515

	6:00 p.m.	Borders Books & Music
			24 School Street, Boston
			(617) 557-7188

"A distinguished landmark...The best kind of travel writing: a polished
blend of wit, poignancy and crisp journalism, always engaging and profoundly

- New York Times Book Review 

4. 	Campus News

HARVARD UNIVERSITY  students are planning to work on local selective
purchasing legislation in Cambridge.  Please contact Marco Simons at (617)
493-2186 , msimons@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

BOSTON COLLEGE  students are gearing up for a challenge to their school's
contractual ties to PepsiCo.  They are currently  initiating education and
awareness activities and hope to proceed with engaging the administration in
some serious dialogue concerning the appropriateness of their ties to "Burma
businesses," given their Jesuit commitment to social justice.  For more
information, please contact Rob Matthews, (617) 562-1749 or (617)655-2315,

Other Campus Burma Action Groups 

Kathy Polias, (617) 627-7799, kpolias@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Nannette  Skiba, (617) 524-0045 
Miriam Leibowitz, st931523@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Jonah, (617) 788-0630
5. 	Why Sanctions Work!

For those who question unilateral sanctions against SLORC and its ability in
prompting other countries to take similar actions should consider this....
The EU ministers of Foreign Affairs will decide soon on a measure like that
in the U.S. which will bar members of the military junta in Burma from
getting VISA's for the European Union.  While only a small step, it is clear
that the EU is following the example set by the United States last month,
which forbides travel in the U.S. by leaders of the SLORC.  Hopefully it
will not be too long before new businesses are prohibited from investing in
Burma under the same conditions (or greater) which were set out by the U.S.
As we all know, one of the arguments companies such as Unocal and others are
using against sanctions and in favor of "constructive engagement" has been
that if companies remove their businesses from Burma, other companies will
only take their place.  However, if other countries continue to follow the
example of the U.S., this argument will be moot and SLORC's pockets will
begin to dry up!  Please continue to keep pressuring your representatives
and the president for stronger sanctions legislation. 


Please continue to write President Clinton and voice your support for
sanctions legislation.  Each letter or petition that the President gets
makes it more likely the Administration will impose economic sanctions once
the election is over. 
President William Clinton
The White House		 
1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW	
Washington DC 20500		
(202) 456-1414			

7. 	November Roundtable

PLEASE NOTE.... Next Roundtable meeting: Tues., Nov. 12th, 7:00 p.m.  at the
UUSC, whose address is 130 Prospect Street, Cambridge, MA.  It is located
near the Central Square T stop. Please call Shalini Nataraj at (617)868-6600
ext. 225 for additional information.  

8. 	Newsletter Information

Newsletter edited by Charlotte O'Sullivan, (617) 789-4352,
imchaos@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, 21 Hooker St., Allston, MA 02134.  For circulation,
please call Simon Billenness at (617) 423-6655 x225, c/o Franklin Research &
Development, 711 Atlantic Ave. Boston, MA 02111, simon_billenness@xxxxxxxxxxxxx