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Longtime Japan Times columnist endo

Subject: Longtime Japan Times columnist endorses travel to Burma

Getting things done
The Japan Times
October 20, 1996

	"Many want to go to Myanmar -- I prefer Burma -- a troubling destination
these days.  There are both reasons to go and reasons to stay away.  If you
decide to go, you will be interested in Dennis Belsh's trips to Myanmar in
December (19-30), February (16-27) and March (5-17), obviously offering more
than a quick trip to Rangoon (now Yangon), a stopover in Mandalay and a look
at the temples of Pagan (Bagan).  There are visits to night markets, a
mountain-top overnight involving a trip up the steep road in a hammock, and
a day on Inle Lake visiting villages and markets by boat.  As Dennis says,
"The people are great and the country is beautiful; it is unfortunate if it
must be missed."  If you do decide to go, call Dennis at (0429) 49-4528 or
fax (0429) 47-6049.  He also has trips planned for Vietnam/Laos,
Vietnam/Cambodia and Bhutan/Nepal with equally expanded itineraries.  I went
with Dennis to Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, an enriching experience I cannot
forget.  Most likely I will decide to take the March trip to Myanmar."

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