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Nov. 16-17 Burma Study/Action Week

Subject: Nov. 16-17  Burma Study/Action Weekend in Kyoto

Burmese Relief Center Japan
266-27 Ozuku-cho, Kashihara-shi, Nara-ken 634, Japan
Tel: (07442) 2-8236   Fax: (07442) 4-6254

Burma Study/Action Weekend
November 16-17, 1996
Takaradera, Yamazaki, Kyoto, Japan

One year ago, Nobel Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi said,
"I have been released. That is all.  Nothing has changed."
Nothing has yet improved; in fact, the situation has gotten even worse.

Burma's most prominent democracy leader has been released from house arrest,
but she is not free
to travel the country, or even to meet with the people.  Unquestionably, the
overall human rights situation in Burma is worsening: 

Top leaders, and hundreds more members of the National League for Democracy
have been arrested without charge.  Several political prisoners have died in
detention.  The Rangoon office of the International Committee of the Red
Cross (ICRC) remains closed because the military junta refuses to allow the
organization access to Burma's notoriously brutal detention centers. 

SLORC has resumed offensives against ethnic minority groups, including the
Karenni Nationalties
People's Party, which signed a cease-fire agreement with the SLORC in March
1995.  A dry-season offensive against the Karen appears in the offing.
There are more refugees sheltering in the jungle along the border than ever

Tens of thousands of villagers have been forcibly relocated in Shan and
Karenni States.  Thousands more have been taken from their homes and fields
to work for the army. Many have died from beatings and exhaustion.
Documented evidence of slave labor is overwhelming.  

SLORC is continuing its sham National Convention to draft a constitution to
give  the military the
major political role in Burma.  

In spite of pleas from Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, the Japanese government (JICA
and JETRO) is
increasing assistance to the SLORC.  

Boycott Visit Myanmar Year
  To line their pockets and to fund their oppression, SLORC has declared
this year "Visit Myanmar 
Year."  Burmese Relief Center Japan can give you hundreds of good reasons
why not to visit
Myanmar until Democracy comes.

Save the Salween Damn the Dams
   Burmese Relief Center Japan is continuing a campaign to stop the damns
planned for the Salween River which would be a disaster for the Karen, Pa'O,
and Karenni ethnic minorities and their rich teak forested homelands. 

Stop the Pipeline 
  Burmese Relief Center Japan joins the Rainforest Action Network in
opposing the Nat Ei Taung Gas Pipeline being built to benefit SLORC,
Thailand, Total, and Unocal at tragic cost to the environment and the Mon,
Karen, and Tavoyan peoples of Mon State.  

Well-informed Action is Effective
  Burmese Relief Center Japan in cooperation with the Burma Youth Volunteer
Association will
hold the seventh annual Burma Study/Action Weekend to consider the current
situation in Burma and to discuss avenues for action.  The program will
include videos, slides, and discussions with visiting Burma experts and
BRC-J members who have recently returned from the border.  Hand-outs,
reprints, and newsletters with the most up-to-date information on all
Burmese issues will be provided. 
       environment     imprisonment     torture     porterage
                human rights     monks and Buddhism
         narcotics     deforestation     natural resources
National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma     foreign governments
ASEAN     Thailand     forced repatriation     UNHCR     investments
    malaria     dry-season offensive     constructive engagement
border camps     relief     medicine     clothes     orphanages     clinics
self-sufficiency     development     education     maternity and child care
         WHAT  CAN  WE  DO?
medical assistance     relief     regular donations      fund raising
          letter campaigns     petitions      posters
    political  pressure     boycotts     demonstrations
        FOR SALE
   handwoven Karen jackets      Burmese delicacies     Shan bags
raw silk scarves     Karenni blankets     longyis     T-shirts      keychains
handwoven chopsticks cases     magic bags      hand-painted greeting cards
hand-carved teak jewelry     postcards     telephone cards     note cards
       books     video tapes     cassettes of Burmese music 
     All proceeds, of course, will be used to help the Burmese   
       Schedule and Directions
  Activities will begin early Saturday afternoon and continue until Sunday
afternoon.  Burmese vegetarian meals and Burmese refreshments will be
provided.  Discussion will be in English, Japanese and Burmese.  
  Come when you can; stay as long as you can.  Historic, scenic Tenno-zan
merits notice as
well, so plan time for a hike!
  Takaradera, a Shingon temple with important cultural properties, is in
Yamazaki between Kyoto
and Osaka and can be reached by either JR or Hankyu.  Some  Rapid Service
(kaisoku) stop at JR
Yamazaki, but only the local (futsu) stops at Hankyu Oyamazaki.  From Hankyu
Oyamazaki Station, first walk to JR Yamazaki Station (about five minutes).
>From JR Yamazaki Station cross the tracks and go STRAIGHT up the hill.
(After you cross the tracks, DO NOT TURN RIGHT.  That takes you around the
hill to the Tenno-zan cherry trees.)  You will pass one temple before you
reach the gate of Takaradera on the right.  By car, continue past the stairs
and turn right, going around the main gate.  The parking lot is on the left.
The fifteen-minute walk up is quite steep.  A taxi from either station costs
about 750 yen. (The taxi stand at Hankyu Oyamazaki Station is not right at
the station.  You have to walk along the road to the left after you come out
of the station.)

Participation fee: 10,000 yen  (includes a donation)

For reservations, please contact:

Ken and Visakha Kawasaki, 266-27 Ozuku-cho, Kashihara, Nara 634
Tel:  (07442) 2-8236, Fax:  (07442) 4-6254, E-mail: brelief@xxxxxxx
Takaradera telephone number:  (075) 956-0047  (for directions to the temple;
NOT for reservations!)