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Repost (Memorandum protest against

Subject: Repost (Memorandum protest against recent crack-down)

Date.: 25/10/96
The military regime in Rangoon once again started oppressive 
crackdown upon Rangoon Universities students.
On 21st of Oct. 1996, there was a minor conflict between the 
R.I.T. students and few local people in a restaurant in Insein, 
when the anti-riot police very brutally beat the students. As the 
result few students were severely injured. After that about 1,000 
students went on peaceful demonstration in their Campus; 
demanding the authorities to reveal the truth of the incident and 
to penalize the police concern.
In spite of fulfilling the righteous demand of the students the 
SLORC's authorities are trying to crush the demonstration by an 
ongoing crackdown upon the peaceful demonstration. Not only 
this, they have arrested U Kyi Maung the vice chairman of the 
National League for Democracy accusing him of his connection 
with the students, on 23rd Oct. 1996.
The recent crackdown upon the peaceful demonstrations of 
students are the burning evidence of SLORC's violation of basis 
principles of democracy. This is quite contrary to their assurance 
to the Burmese and international community in which they claim 
to lead Burma on the path of democracy.
As such we strongly condemn the SLORC's recent brutality 
against students demonstration. At the same time we want to 
declare our full support and solidarity for the students move in 
We demand:-
1. For unconditional and immediate release of U Kyi Maung, 
and all other political prisoners.
2. To respect  and allow the basic democratic rights, e.g. 
freedom of speech, freedom of press and assemblence.
3. To start dialogue with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi to solve the 
future problems of the nation.
4. To transfer the state power to the public representatives 
elected in 1990 elections.
Appeal to the International Community.
1. To implement the resolution of U.N.G.A. regarding Burma.
2. To cut off the diplomatic and economic ties with SLORC 
3. We appeal to Government of India together with all 
democracy loving nations to take effective steps to response 
against SLORC's oppression rule and day to day activities.
Appeal to the People of Burma.
We very fervently appeal to the all walks of people in Burma to 
show solidarity and provide full support to the recent move of 
the students for the struggle of democracy.
We are Burmese pro-democracy activists in India.