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The East Anglia University student

Subject: The East Anglia University student Union boycotts tourism to Burma

By Oung Myint Tun

I have recieved an exciting report from a Burmese student,
Mg Myint Swe, who has been studying at the UNIVERSITY OF
EAST ANGLIA in England and is active in the student Union
of the University. 

The East Anglia University Student Union has now decided 
to stop promoting and selling holidays to Burma and to give
full support to movements and organisations which  campaign
for the cessation of abuses of rights in Burma.

It is an inspiring achievement for him and a few other fellow
students.  They have been trying to raise the level of awareness 
of the students about the massive violations of human rights 
and brutal denial of democratic and political rights in Burma.  
The country is currently ruled by an illegal military regime, 
called the State Law and Order Restoration Council (SLORC ).

According to Mg Myint Swe, the following motion was passed 
by the Union of University of East Anglia (UEA) students, very
recently, noting that:  
1)      The Burmese government consistently violates 
        the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948.
2)      1996 is the Year of the Tourism in Burma.
3)      The Burmese government is a brutal dictatorship
        which suppresses any forms of opposition or dissent 
        often by violent means.

So, the Union is of the opinion that support should not be 
         given to governments who  violate human rights and 
         prevent democratic processes. And the Union believes
         that the people in Britain should not give financial support
         to the Burmese government by  promoting tourism to Burma
         because the dictatorship in Burma thrives off the financial
         rewards of tourism.

Therefore, the Union have carried the following resolutions:

1)         Not to advertise or promote holidays to Burma
in the Travel Shop or elsewhere by brochures or any
other means.
2)          To publicise in the Travel Shop that brochures 
about Burma are unavailable.
3)           To actively support societies campaigning to 
highlight and to prevent abuses in Burma.

This resolution was proposed by Rob Sibson (School of  Economics 
and Social Studies) and seconded by Maggie Charmley  (Environmental
 Officer of the Union).

Because of this resolution, the East Anglia University Student Union 
has now become the very first University student Union in the UK, 
which has joined hand with the Burmese people and Burmese students 
in their quest for democracy.

This achievement can also be acknowledged as a powerful starting point 
for the students of the East Anglia University in their support for the 
movements and organisations campaigning for the restoration of human 
rights and democracy in Burma. And also by this pioneering action the 
East Anglia University Students Union would give inspirations to the 
other student unions (in British Universities and educational institutions) 
to join hand with them to show solidarity with the Burmese University 
students who are currently engaging in their struggle against the brutality 
of the military dictatorship.