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Burma obstacle for Dutch banks by o (r)

Regarding the matter of BankBoston and their possible involvement with
ING and the resulting legal problems that would cause in the state of Mass:

During one of my trips to Burma, I ran into ING's country representative
in Rangoon.  I think I have never met a sleazier American.  He spent
some time regaling me with stories of his exploits in Burma and waxed
eloquent on the best way to pick up Burmese girls and where to find
prostitutes:  "They'll do anything you want.  They're desparate [for
money].  They always have a mother who needs surgery or something." 
When he wasn't frequenting his favorite pick up spots, he was putting 
together real estate deals with UMEH that involved Dutch investment.

If someone wants to start a campaign on BankBoston, I'll be happy to 
share my trip notes on this gentleman.