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U Kyi Maung is being questioned by

Subject: U Kyi Maung is being questioned by SLORC

RANGOON, Oct 23 (Reuter) - One of the top officials in Aung San Suu Kyi's
National League for Democracy (NLD) party was picked up for questioning by
Burma's military government, diplomats and party sources said on Wednesday.
Kyi Maung, the deputy chairman of the NLD and one of Suu Kyi's closest
confidants, was detained for questioning by the ruling State Law and Order
Restoration Council (SLORC) on Tuesday.
No one from Kyi Maung's family could be immediately reached to say if he had
been released, but diplomats said they heard he was still being questioned.
SLORC officials could not immediately be reached for comment.
Kyi Maung, 75, was in Rangoon's infamous Insein Prison from 1990 to 1995 for
his role in the democracy movement.
The SLORC on Wednesday accused him of colluding with some students involved
in an early-morning protest. They said he was helping politicise a scuffle
between students and restaurant owners and trying to create unrest by
staging a protest.
About 500 Burmese university students on Wednesday staged a rare
demonstration against the military government and its detention of three
classmates involved in the scuffle.
Kyi Maung gave speeches to supporters along with Suu Kyi on Sundays at the
front gate of the Nobel Peace laureate's house.
The government has regularly attacked Kyi Maung through official media,
saying he was trying to undermine the peace and stability of the nation.  
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Source: TV Myanmar, Rangoon, in Burmese 1330 gmt 21 Oct 96
Excerpts from report by Burmese TV
The opening ceremony of the Special Refresher Course No 24 for Basic
Education Teachers was held at the Central Institute of Civil Service [CICS]
in Hlegu Township at 1400 today [21st October]. Lt-Gen Khin Nyunt, chairman
of Myanmar [Burma] Education Committee and secretary-1 of the State Law and
Order Restoration Council [SLORC], attended the ceremony and delivered an
address. The ceremony was attended by ministers, responsible personnel,
departmental head, CICS Rector U Tin Tun and teacher trainees.
Lt-Gen Khin Nyunt said, as is known to all teachers, the SLORC is striving
with momentum to implement the political, economic and social objectives for
the emergence of a peaceful, tranquil, modern and developed nation. He
explained the importance of a firm and proper education sector for the
development of the nation's political, economic and social infrastructure,
noting that only when many technicians capable of building their own nation
emerge will the national economy develop and national defence capability be
enhanced and will the nation be able to build political, economic and social
bases conforming to national cultural concepts independently and without
external reliance and interference.
He noted that at a time when the SLORC is striving for stability, peace and
the strengthening of political, economic and social qualities, a group, with
the assistance of some big nations, is attempting to destabilize the nation
and hinder progress with the sole aim of making difficulties for the
government. He remarked that in spite of such collusion between the
neo-colonialists and axe-handles [traitors] inside the country, some
dignified personalities and economic organizations inside the country and
some friendly nations have expressed their recognition and support for the
correct efforts of the Myanmar government.
Lt-Gen Khin Nyunt said, after differentiating nation-builders from
destructionists, the people have expressed their opposition to such elements
in the People's Desire [Oppose those relying on external elements, acting as
stooges, and holding negative views; oppose those trying to jeopardize
stability of the state and progress of the nation; oppose foreign nations
interfering in internal affairs of the state; and, crush all internal and
external destructive elements as the common enemy].
He noted that people with common sense are well aware that an individual or
a party or a group cannot decide national affairs. He emphasized that
whether the efforts of the government are correct or not can be decided by
its contribution to the national interest. He added, whether the government
is able to provide leadership or not can be decided by its services to the
national interest.
Similarly, he said whether the people are suppressed or not can be decided
by whether there are basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter and social
needs or whether they enjoy stability and peace. He said the people believe
that as the SLORC is serving the interests of the nation and the people, the
policies and the objectives being followed are correct...
He stated that it is essential to systematically develop the national
forces, to upgrade their qualifications and to use them effectively at a
time when endeavours for national development are being made with added
In conclusion, the secretary-1 urged teachers to study the lectures to
achieve the state's political, economic and social objectives; to continue
the peaceful pursuit of education to realize the state's education policies
and goals; to organize the youth to crush destructive acts, jointly
committed by internal and external elements, based on patriotism in
accordance with the People's Desire; to organize students to participate in
the functions of the Union Solidarity and Development Association which lead
towards the national interest and to have discipline; and, to try hard for
the successful realization of the aims of the Special Refresher Course...
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