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Who asked the public on Myanmar.

			Who asked the public on Myanmar

	Burma's actions against democratically elected Daw Aung San Suu 
	Kyi and her supporters should make the ASEAN countries ashamed of 
	their counter-productive "constructive engagement" 
	[FRONT-LINE, Aug.23]. 

	We should say ASEAN governments, not countries, as there is no 
	proff of public followed. Indonesia these days seems to be doing 
	hardly better than Burma.

	In the case of the Philippines, several years ago it was 
	gratified by the international support for Mrs. Cory Aquino in 
	ridding the country of the Marcos conjugal dictatorship.

	We were very close to getting the Nobel Peace Prize for Mrs. Aquino.

	The lack of support for Saw Suu Kyi, who deserves to be 
	president, is quite shocking, even disgusting.

	[ W-A Burke Miailhe, Siran Margaux, France].

	(Asiaweek, October 18, 1996).