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possible dolphin captures in Philip

Tim Desmond of Active Ocean Environments to Possibly Capture Dolphins in
the Philippines and then Export Dolphins to China.

Confirmed Desmond Will Also Import Japanase Drive Fishery Dolphins For


October 21, 1996

Our Philippines office has just been notified that Tim Desmond, formerly
of Marineland in Los Angeles and close associate of Jay Sweeney, has
applied for permits to capture dolphins in Philippines waters for export
to China.  In addition a holding facility will be open in the Philippines
as an entertainment center to the public.  Drive fishery dolphins are now
a part of the equation!!   As you know Desmond was the trainer for Corky
and Orky.  It is also known that Desmond has assisted Sweeney in
captures.  Most recently, Desmond was a consultant to the 'Free Willy I'
film in Keiko's training, and worked with Dr. Joe Geraci to create the
park in Massachusetts known as 'Geraci Park', which was never developed. 
Tim Desmond is a U.S. citizen who is not bound by the MMPA, and is
therefore going to profit well by exploiting a national treasure and
resource of the Philippines: dolphins.  This is one more example of a U.S.
citizen profiting from the captive dolphin industry in other countries.

Our Earth Island Institute Philippines coordinator Trixie Concepcion
states the following:   "During my last meeting with the Interagency Task
Force on Marine Mammal Conservation, (IATFMMC), we had been forewarned
that opposing the application may give the wrong impression to the
public.  As you know, the Philippines is a developing country and ocean
parks are quite a novelty here.  Tim Desmond's proposed holding facility
is being viewed by some of our tourism officials as an additional revenue
earner that can also give Filipinos the opportunity to see dolphin shows
just like citizens in more advanced countries.

EII-Phil. would want to expose and oppose Desmond's proposal for what it
is without unduly creating a negative image of ourselves as 'elitist
environmentalists'.  It is sort of like opposing a project because it
doesn't suit the aesthetical sensibilities of some people while totally
disregarding the plight of less privileged peoples.  I hope you can
consider these issues when you write to our officials here.  Letters from
international contacts will create a big impact and will be highly
appreciated."  Please send letters ASAP to the following, as time is


Mr. Victor Ramos

Secretary,   Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources

Visayas Ave., Diliman

Quezon City,  Philippines

FAX: 011-632-920-43-52


Mr. Wilfrido S. Pollisco

Director, Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau,   DENR

Queson Avenue, Diliman

Oueson City, Philippines 

FAX:  011-632-924-01-09


Mr. Dennis Araullo


Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources 

Arcadia Bldg., #860 Quezon Ave.

Quezon City, Philippines

FAX:  011-632-926-54-98


Please call if you have questions.  Thank you for your prompt attention.

Fax a copy of your letter to me so that I may forward it to our
philippines office, and Brenda Killian director of the International
Monitoring Program.


Earth Island Institute



USA 415-788-3666 X 146

Fax 415-788-7324

Ken Yarborough
Systems Administrator
Earth Island Institute