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Subject: Price and Life in Burma
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Price and Life in September 1996

At =93Bogyoke=94 and =93Mingala=94 bazaars of Rangoon, business was good f=
or the 
first two weeks but moderate in the second half of the month.

Thai, China and Singapore goods coming in as usual.
FEC went up. Commodity prices 2% up.

1 Singapore dollar 120 kyats.
1 Thai baht =3D 15.15 kyats.
1 Chinese Renminbi =3D 5.2 kyats.
1 US dollar =3D 166 kyats.
1 FEC =3D 163.5 kyats.
Gasoline 1 gal =3D 260 kyats.
Diesel 1 gal =3D 200 kyats.

Date	Gold			FEC
08/01/96	34,200 kyats		161.00
08/07/96	34,350			159.50
08/15/96	34,100			160.00
08/21/96	34,200			160.75
08/31/96	34,600			161.40
09/02/96	34,650			161.40
09/07/96	36,300			163.25
09/14/96	35,500			164.00
09/18/96	36,200 kyats		168.00

Interesting news

Aug. 23 Mandalay
The City Municipal Committee introduced a new program of  self-constructio=
style. In Mandalay, the roads for public or private can be constructed by 
contributing 70% of the total cost.

Aug. 31 Mandalay
=93The road to=94 sign-boards of 6=94 x 6=94 are seen every where in Manda=
The upper 2/3 of the sign-boards writes =93The road to ...=94 in Burmese a=
nd English 
and the lower 1/3 =93Tiger Beer and Pokka=94. It looks fine. But some sign=
mislead the way. For instance the sign-board at the Northeast corner of th=
e moat 
directs =93To Moe Kok=94 which way goes not directly to Moe Kok but to the=
LIG 95 and the Dogs refuge. At the point of the road to Moe Kok, the sign-=
says =93To the Mandalay hill Golf Club=94.

Aug. 19 Mandalay
All slow-driven vehicles like horse-carts and side-cars were ordered to de=
beautifully in the Municipal area to welcome the =93Visit Myanmar Year=94.=
news was printed in the =93Da Na Magazine=94 under the heading of =93Shame=

July 31 Mandalay
Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever is spreading around Mandalay. Teachers are using=
the mosquito coils in their class-rooms. Those PTAs who could not afford a=
the children to bring the mosquito coils to the schools.

Sept. 10 Mandalay
The distribution of gasoline was restricted by TLORCs since 08/13/96. The =
of patrol went up from 200 kyats per gallon to 350-360. Bus-fares soared. 
Mandalay-Rangoon carrier service rate increased from 1,700 kyats per ton t=
2,400 kyats. 

Meanwhile the Energy Ministry announced that Octane patrol will be distrib=
freely at the price of .5USD or .5 FEC plus 16.6 kyats. Since the FEC pric=
e in 
Mandalay was 165 kyats, one gal of Octane is equal to 264.18 Kyats. The 
public was worried that the black-market price of patrol could not 
come down below 250 kyats per gallon.

Astrology for Mars
Transfer is likely. Loss can be expected. Anxiety for the others. 
Mistakes can be done. Be careful in conversation. Antagonists are unavoida=
Don=92t forget you wisdom, courage and mindfulness.