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Cambordian Opposition protests agai

Subject: Cambordian Opposition protests against SLORC's Visit.

		Cambordian Opposition protests against SLORC's Visit

	Burmese military general's arrival in Phnom Penh, General Than 
Shwe, midst tight security. Shortly before his arrival, police fired 
warning shots to try stop a protest by pro-democracy demonstrators.

	Security forces tried to stop Sam Rainsey's protest from reaching 
US Embassy. These were only warning shots but message was clear, this 
protest march had been banned by the Government. Mr Raisey, Cambordia's 
former Finance Minister, turned political dissident, said his message had 
also been heard loud and clear.

	"We want to let the Burmese military delegation know that they 
are not welcome in Cambordia, as long as there is no democracy in Burma, 
and as long as Aung San Suu Kyi is not free of her movements."

	Mr Raisey, an elected politician, who has been barred from the 
National Assembly has aligned himself closely with Burma's pro-democracy 

	The two met in August at Aung San Suu Kyi's home in Rangoon. He 
says Cambordia's Democratic credentials will be tarnished by the welcome 
being extended to General Than Shwe, who has refused to handover power to 
the woman Burmese chose as their leader six years ago.

	When the Burmese delegation did finally arrived they greeted by 
thousands of smiling Cambodians.

	Cambodia, like Burma, hopes to join the ASEAN next year, and so 
is bound by its maxim not to interfere in each other's internal affairs, 
so few in this region are prepared to speak out against what goes on 
under Than Shwe's regime.

[ BBC World News, Bangkok, 16 October 1996]