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Myanmar Alin article; Re: BurmaNet

Subject: Re: Myanmar Alin article; Re: BurmaNet News: October 15, 1996

	> Source: `Myanmar Alin', Rangoon, in Burmese 5 Oct 96 p 6
	> Excerpts from article by "Monsieur England-Returnee"=20

	> The Myanmar community in England was close-knit, with the
	> ambassador acting as the chairman of the Myanmar Association. The
	> association started to crumble when the expatriates formed the CRDB
	> [Committee for Restoration of Democracy in Burma]...

Thank you for writing the above fact. It is very encouraging for us, the
new comers of the good cause.

	> Although Madame stayed away from the Myanmar community,
	> everybody knows what Madame does.

We all know who is "everybody", don't we?

	> But I would like to let you know that the
	> silent masses will speak up and say what they know once Madame gains power.

So, you clearly admit that Daw Aung San Suu Kyi will gain power. Correct
notion then, very well done!

About the silent masses. 
The silent masses did stand up and spoke out in 1990, giving NLD 82% of
the votes while the military gained only 2%.
Do you still want us to speak out again ? Are you sure ? Why not now ?