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Organization: Forum for Democracy and Human Rights
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Date: Tue, 15 Oct 1996 08:00:37 +0000
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Dear friends,

1. The "Pan-Za-Ga" # 16 is now available. The key issue of this 
edition is "the army". The NLD/LA [Western Region] sponsored this 
publication. We are trying to mail to our friends. If you do not receive 
let us know.

You can read:

We'll fight hand in hand with good soldiers (U Thaung)
What is a tatmadaw? (Myint Than Htoo)
"Democracy-Min-Nan-Tet-Myi" (U Ohn Maung)
Support the NLD (Aung Khin Soe)
>From 88-June Students struggle to... (Than Doke)
Reincarnation (Sitt Nyein Aye)
Letter from Burma #41 (Aung San Suu Kyi)
To the majority right (Dr. Zaw Win Aung)
Why democracy is asked for? ( Ko Myat Thu)
Sleepless nights after nights (Aung Kyaw Oo)
It's called "Visit-Myanmar-Year" (PK)
"Awards for Suu" "Suu for the people"
To form a National Front (Yebaw Kyaw Than)
Before it's late (Daung Kha Mauk)
Little Karaoke=92s sobs (Mya San)
Unforgettable Insein Jail 2 (Aung Ba La)
Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Award presentation.
A portrait of interior of army.
Etc. etc.

2. An audio cassette of new democracy songs is available. 
Thin Ko Ko and Sanda Lin ( a daughter of Gitalulin Maung Ko Ko) 
produced for the NLD/LA [Western Region].

Western Region