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SLORC says "we must know who visit

Subject: SLORC says "we must know who visit you"

Source: Radio Myanmar, Rangoon, in Burmese 1330 gmt 10 Oct 96
Excerpts from report by Burmese radio
Lt-Gen Tin U, secretary-2 of the State Law and Order Restoration Council
[SLORC], attended a coordination meeting on crime reduction and educational
news releases held at the Operations Hall of the Defence Ministry at 1300
[local time] today [10th October].
Lt-Gen Tin U noted that peace and tranquillity and the situation as regards
the rule of law had improved markedly since the inception of SLORC. Although
there had been incidents recently related to peace and tranquillity and the
rule of law as a result of internal and external political influences
combined with instigation by local axe handles [as heard], action has been
taken in some cases, and responsible personnel attending the meeting were
urged to take part in the discussions on the reduction of crime and
educational news releases. He said that there was a need to solve crime as
it happened and sentences should be appropriate to the crime committed in
order to prevent further incidents. He urged responsible personnel to
deliver sentences systematically, truthfully and effectively so as to
prevent further occurrences. He noted that crime prevention would be
successful if responsible personnel from the divisional, district, township
and ward levels coordinated and cooperated with each other over each and
every matter.
The secretary-2 said the Myanmar [Burma] Police Force should work together
with the divisional, district and township law and order restoration
councils, judges and law officers on preventive and other measures in the
interests of regional peace and tranquillity, the rule of law and the
reduction of crime...
Tin U also noted the need for divisional, district and township law and
order restoration councils to implement effectively activities relating to
regional peace and tranquillity and the rule of law. He explained that
ward-level law and order restoration councils should especially maintain
up-to-date guest registers, while visitors should be encouraged to register
promptly. He added that effective legal action should be taken against hosts
that did not register guests and severe legal action should be taken against
hosts that harboured criminals. Finally, he urged responsible personnel
attending the meeting to take part in the discussions...
(c) BBC Monitoring Summary of World Broadcasts. 


Source: `Myanmar Alin', Rangoon, in Burmese 5 Oct 96 p 6
Excerpts from article by "Monsieur England-Returnee" entitled: "To English
lady Madame Aris Suu Kyi"
Madame Aris Suu Kyi makes quick moves in Myanmar [Burma] but her moves are
wrong, and that is not surprising, because she has the wrong attitude.
Madame Aris Suu Kyi, who lived in Myanmar till she was 13 years old, does
not know and understand much about Myanmar traditions and culture. The
adolescent Suu Kyi accompanied Amae Kyi [reference to Aung San Suu Kyi's
mother, Daw Khin Kyi] when she was sent to India as Burmese ambassador. At
first Suu Kyi studied in India but she later moved to England, where she
married Michael Aris, gave birth to her children, and was transformed from
Aung San Suu Kyi to Madame Aris Suu Kyi. I am not blindly criticizing Madame
Aris Suu Kyi, but that is the English custom, and General Aung San's [father
of Suu Kyi] name, historically cherished by the Myanmar [Burmese] people,
was replaced by the name of the Englishman Michael Aris. If anybody wants
confirmation they can ask the person concerned.
Madame Aris Suu Kyi lived permanently in England. She was reserved and did
not involve herself much with the Myanmar community. The Myanmar community
in England formed the Myanmar Association... They celebrated prominent
Myanmar feasts and festivals at the Myanmar House sponsored by the Myanmar
embassy... The Myanmar people in London would never miss the show but you
rarely saw Madame Aris Suu Kyi at those functions because she stayed aloof
from the Myanmar community. I think that if only she had attended those
functions regularly, Madame Aris Suu Kyi would not have become an
Englishman's wife. In fact, Madame Suu Kyi was avoiding the Myanmar
community. The Myanmar community in England was close-knit, with the
ambassador acting as the chairman of the Myanmar Association. The
association started to crumble when the expatriates formed the CRDB
[Committee for Restoration of Democracy in Burma]...
Regarding the BBC Myanmar-language programme, all employees working there
are Myanmar citizens born and bred in Myanmar. One unusual thing is that
there is no one from the districts; all are from the elite society. While
their father was working with the [Myanmar] embassy, these citizens made
contact with the BBC, and when the father's tenure was over the children
stayed behind - although some joined the BBC through their own contacts. As
soon as they started working for the BBC they began to speak ill of Myanmar.
Since they will get promotion only if they exaggerate the news, they began
reading articles about Myanmar in the daily newspapers, presenting them and
obtaining approval from their English bosses and then began their slandering...
I heard Madame Aris Suu Kyi blaring from the BBC airwaves, sometimes in
English, trying to prevent foreign countries from investing in Myanmar until
democracy is achieved; calling on powerful nations to impose economic
sanctions on Myanmar for lack of human rights; and encouraging foreign
tourists to refrain from visiting the country during Visit Myanmar Year 1996.
Madame Aris Suu Kyi definitely thinks no end of herself. That is why she
made the remarks, which she should not have done. She is undermining the
status of Oxford University, which produces cultivated, intelligent
graduates and I am appalled to see that the administrators of Oxford
University have done nothing.
Where is the essence of democracy if Madame Aris Suu Kyi gains power through
international sanctions and does not practice what she preaches? Myanmar is
a sovereign and independent country and has the right and the capability to
create its own future. But if democracy is achieved only with assistance
from Michael Aris' relatives [a reference to the West], then such a
democracy will be only a sham democracy or a domineering one. Can Madame
contest that? If so, I would like to hear your argument at the weekend... I
would like to remind Madame Aris Suu Kyi, a former employee of the United
Nations, that you have the responsibility to observe the UN Charter and
should also refrain from using insulting words.
Don't bother wondering whether I am a SLORC [State Law and Order Restoration
Council] ally. I wrote this letter because I could not stand your assertions
and your pushing the Myanmar people over the abyss. The moment you entered
the political stage with expatriate Htwe Myint as your mentor, I knew you
had made the wrong choice. Madame must have known expatriate Htwe Myint
while in England, because the Myanmar community there is small and everybody
knows everybody. Although Madame stayed away from the Myanmar community,
everybody knows what Madame does. But I would like to let you know that the
silent masses will speak up and say what they know once Madame gains power.
(c) BBC Monitoring Summary of World Broadcasts. 
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