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message from Karen Representative (r)

Subject: Re: message from Karen Representative

KP, thanks for yr message and I was ald relayed yr message to k'neh. Hope that
everything is fine in CA. One of my Aunt fr Burma just reached to US in CA. 
Before May Oo was leaving fr US I had chance to talk with her through pho., 
Chanced to knew of yr mother's health condition and yr are away fr yr computer.
I'm proud of U on be half of our Karen people. Last saturday I had chance to 
talked with yr mum and sis. If any thing if u need help fr me pls don't 
hestitate that I will trying to find out for U. One of girl fr our
university, she said that she is relative with Ardeth Dyna, with through
Ardeth husband. That why I'm quite conver all of my movement in US. Even we
never tell we are under scholar. Because of previous three scholar award was
rob by chin desk. That why pls don't tell any person especially our
connection. I feel like we need to work more affective and less talk. We need
to smart even trickey political situation in Burma.