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message from Karen Representative

The following is a brief speech delivered by P'doh Thu Yeh at UC Berkeley campus
on October 8, 1996 at Free Burma Fast press conference.  As Karen
representative, he is currently here in the US to help launch litigation action
against UNOCAL.


All the American Student Activists:

	Thank you very much.  I am a Karen representative from the Karen National
Union Mergui/Tavoy distirict, best known as the UNOCAL pipe line project area.
On behalf of the Karen people I would like to express our deepest sincere and
heart felt thanks for all your efforts in bringing about democracy in Burma.

	Without all of us working together hand in hand, democracy in Burma can
never be achieved.  Your help and support to advance the struggle and to help
liberate the oppressed people from the brutal military regime of Burma will
never be forgetten by the Karens or the entire people of Burma.

	Since I've been to this country the situation has deterioated, the dry
season is upon us and the military operation has resume.  In the city they have
arrested more than 800 democracy activists including many NLD members.  Meantime
the area where I came from is experiencing massive influx of refugee.  Just
within the past month there are more than 10,000 new refugees and the story of
whole village being massacred and burned are common.

	The latest report which I have received has disturbed me greatly.  The
report of 200 innocent villagers being killed just in the past 3 weeks.  I don't
understand!!  As you all know we are in the midst of negotiating peace with the
SLORC.  How can they talk about peace and unity when innocent people are still
being killed.  

	I wnat to assure you that your contribution and efforts which you have
shown is greatly appriciated and will not be forgetten.

Thank you.

Saw Thu Yeh
Karen National Union, Mergui/Tavoy District