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webpages convering Burma (r)

Hello & I'm Sao Hpa Han, covering Shan history & culture volunteer cord
on Burmanet.

We've got some Shan resources @
http://www.netcom.com/~burma/tai/shan.html.  Pages are both graphic &
Java text (appelet) intensive.  I suggest Netscape 3.0 or higher with a
faster modem -- 28.8 or higher with at least 24M RAM.  (Or your Nav
might crush and shuts itself down - we've got many, many complaints!!!) 
The page is still under heavy construcitons.  This address is yet to
change so if you must link, pls link the main haw --
http://www.netcom.com/~burma/  or http://www.netcom.com/~burma/tai.html

Thank you.


A wise man once asked me, "What is the sound of one hand clapping?"  I
thought for a minute, then I slapped him across the face.  That got him
off my back!
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> From: strider @ igc.apc.org  @ Internet @ WORLDCOM
> Date: Thursday  October 10, 1996 09:04 PM
> Subject: webpages convering Burma
> Dear BurmaNet Readers:
> The BurmaNet News would like to begin including websites with Burma
> info in our resource section which we post at the bottom of the BurmaNet
> News once or twice a week.
> We would appreciate it if you could send any useful website addresses along
> with a brief description - a line or two will do.
> Please send this info to strider@xxxxxxxxxxx
> Thanks in advance,
> BurmaNet Editor